How to race on $10 a day....

(If you save for 5000 days first)

It all started so innocently.... just a few track days in my street car......

The next thing you know......

My first day on the track in my spec miata, the first agricultural racing in 4 seasons!

Comp school, I'm passing the head instructor

Correction, passed, but you know he let me.....

Standing start in comp school.... this was fun!

Now the first race.........

Lots of water, street tires worked pretty good!

Moved up and down in qualifying, but finished in the middle of the 20 car field.

Note the track is not very wet and I have on street tires... A very bad choice.

After sliding through turn one and going to the rear of the pack, I decided to do my mandatory pitstop on lap 1.

Unbuckle, window net down, get out touch the ground.... you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around... that's what it's all about!

After 50 minutes on the track with greasy street tires, driving in my mirror... The race is yellow flagged to finish because the flaggers can't see each other through the fog.

I didn't finish last, but only by one!
Many thanks to the staff and members of NASA NE, Entropy Racing and the other racers for getting through this all in one piece, a little more humble, and itching for the next race!